Hey Bloggers! Its been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted. Half term meant for nothing getting done accept entertaining the kids. This past week I have managed to get some designs finished including a print I have designed for mothers day.

'Home is where Mum is' 8 x 10 Print

I have also been focusing on designs for boys/men, as my portfolio mostly was aimed at girls.

'Adventure Bear' 8 x 10 Print

The Bear has to be one of my favourites so far. I love the whole wanderlust feel to it and really it can be for any age or gender.

Next up we have a print for all those DC Comic fans out there. Even my daughter loves this one!

I have a growing list of new prints I want to design but there are simply not enough hours in the day! Have a good weekend, Sam xo

Since signing up to Instagram nearly two years ago it has become a big part of my daily routine....or ritual so I say hah!
Its the first thing I look at on a day to day basis whilst myself and the children are eating breakfast.
'Shine like the stars' 8 x 10 Print (baby feet not included lol)

From an illustrators perspective I find Instagram to be such a visually inspiring platform from which my creative mojo boards the happy train for the day.
Even the minor things such as a font, a colour palette, how something has been photographed can all contribute to spark an idea. That initial spark can snowball into something entirely different but I am grateful to other users who share their day to day occurrences,
I set up a second Instagram account (yep twice the procrastinating time lol) for my print business, as I felt that my followers wouldn't want to see the endless amount of pictures I take of my children with my personal account lol I also keep my personal account strictly private for friends and family only. I have realised that there are some moments that I capture on photograph that I only want my friends/family to see and not broadcasted to the rest of the world to see. Does anyone else do this? The only problem I find with having two accounts is the pain of having to keep logging in and out of said accountants. Instagram people if you are reading this, then please create multiple apps which I can keep logged in at all times! lol
'Native Tepee' 8 x 10 Print

So the question I leave you with today is 'where do you find your inspiration?' for things like home decor projects, cardmaking etc.
Thanks for stopping by, Sam xo

This is my first experience using Etsy as my selling platform. In my previous online shop (selling craft items and my rubber stamp designs) I had my own website in which I had to create all of the traffic on there. It was not an easy task.
I remember once paying for an advert slot in a craft magazine which was a one time only appearance...it was NOT cheap! I did not find that it had made any difference on my sales that particular month. I found that using my Facebook page was a far better approach as a marketing tool.  It was also much faster to reach people.
Black&White 'Madeleine' 8 x 10 Print on my Etsy store
The Setting Up...
I have found Etsy to be a huge 'walk in the park' compared to what I had before. 
The options to list a new item are a doddle, with drop down menus and simple steps. They really have taken the hard work out of it for you AND I can literally list an item within minutes. 
Black&White 'Shine like the stars' 8 x 10 Print on my Etsy store
The Waiting Game...
My Etsy shop has been live for just over two weeks now and I have received one order so far. This order actually came from my sweet friend...that still counts as a sale right?!...yeah of course it does I keep telling myself. 
My Facebook page has done really well, with over 200 likes so far. My Instagram has about 50 followers too. Trying to keep up with daily content can be quite a challenge. 
I feel the need to be proactive and go and read all of the 'how to create traffic' type posts that are scattered all over the Internet. Many of these I often see all over Pinterest. 
If anyone has found there to be a particular website/blog to be of some good advice then please do share. 
Thanks for stopping by, Sam xo 
Hiiii All, and welcome to my new blog. As I embark on this new venture I can't help but feel like this is what I should be doing with my life right now. This is what makes me happy.
See... I am Happy!

Like any small business just starting out, there are lots of lessons to be learnt, growing pains to experience and above all quite a lot of sleepless nights spent worrying about the vital 'cogs' of the machine working in unison together.

Wohoo Etsy Shop is Open

This will be my second small business I have started on my own. I am very lucky to have a partner that has always supported my dreams...no matter how crazy and sometimes dorky they are.
This business will be different from the previous though as my designs will come solely from my heart and not just designed because I have to. Every time I pick up my pencil to draw it will be because I want to. That to me is the best feeling ever!
Time to Hustle people!

I am doing what I enjoy...drawing/creating whimsical characters for the little people (and sometimes bigger people) in our lives.
Little hands holding one of my prints

This blog is also going to be a different approach from my previous blog. I want to share the 'behind the scenes' moments of this 'one man band' show alongside balancing the everyday full time Mum status. I am a mother to two little munchkins (one of each) who inspire me everyday.
Thanks for stopping by, Sam xo